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X/1999 Chorus

Listen to the music of the night...

X/1999 Chorus: A Lyrical Icon Challenge
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& &   A B O U T
Welcome to x1999_chorus, a lyrical icon challenge based on clampchorus, x1999_awards, and communities similar to that. What is a lyrical icon challenge, or icontest, you ask? It's basically a contest where each week, a lyric will be posted. The challenge is to make an icon using the lyrics with images from X/1999. Some weeks, there might be variations to these basic theme, but everything X/1999 and lyrical related.
& &   C O L L A B O R A T OR S
& &   R U L E S
To help run the contest smoothly, there are a few rules that must be followed:
1. Respect and courtesy must be maintained in this community. In other words, if you cause trouble, you'll be kicked out. This is a icon challenge for fun and the competitions shouldn't be intense. Be nice!
2. You can enter two icons per challenge.
3. X/1999 icons only! You can use images from the anime, manga, and anywhere characters from X/1999 are crossed over (Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa, etc.)
4. Icons entered cannot be posted to other places until the challenge is over.
5. Like in #1, just make sure to have fun! ^_^

Lyrics/new challenges will be posted approximately every Friday. Voting will take place the following Friday at 9 pm EST. Voting will take place until Sunday at 9 pm EST. Winners will be announced asap after the tallying is done.

If the times change, I'll let you guys know in a post.

& &   S U B M I T T I N G
If you wish to partake in a weekly contest, reply to the entry and do post the icon and the URL to the image. Posts will be screened. Also, make sure your icon is within Livejournal requirements, that is, at most 100x100 or 40KB or less and a .jpg, .gif, or .png. You may submit up to two icons. You must use at least three words from the lyrics, and they must be in order.


URL: http://www.livejournal.com/userpic/49585976/6949347
Note: Make sure the url works
& &   V O T I N G
All members, whether they have submitted icons or not, can vote, but you must join the community to be able to vote.


Best Overall
Best Adaption
Most Inventive
Best Colouring
Best Show of Emotion
Mod's Choice

To vote, you must be a member and reply to the entry for voting during that week. All comments will be screened so no one will know who votes for whom except for me. You may NOT vote for yourself, and you can only vote for an icon once. If you do vote for yourself, your vote will be disqualified. Icons will also be posted anonymously.
& &   L I N K A G E
All these are our dearly beloved affiliates !! Please comment in this post if you'd like to be one ! XD
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